We are Glu

Founded in 2015, we are an AWARD-WINNING end to end channel services provider bridging the gap between Vendors, Distributors, Partners and Customers to grow, build, win opportunities and deliver value across digital, cyber and customer transformation.

With a wealth of experience, from the world of the Vendor, Partner, Distributor and Customer, we can help organisations scale, understand their business objectives and outcomes, increase both revenue and profitability while delivering true value based services.

Glu are driven to enable and accelerate your business, educate and empower your people, whilst enhancing your propositions to move into new business areas with minimum risk or investment.

Glu have been a very valuable extension to our Enterprise Networking team as we scale this area of our business. When we sat down and discussed what our plans looked like it and the areas of expertise we each have, it was a perfect combination for Bytes and Glu to form a strategic partnership.

Luke Kiernan
Head of Cyber Security

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Glu bridges the gap between vendors, partners and customers to allow you to move to value based selling with business outcome led conversations and solutions.

By doing this, you will become more relevant to your customers, drive more annuity and all future renewals will become a non event.