Partner Experience

We often hear about the Customer Experience and Customer Success Journey. But did you ever think about a Partner Success Journey and its importance? Did you ever ask yourself: “What would partners need to succeed?”

As the market continues to evolve, having a competitive edge is becoming absolutely business critical. That’s why businesses – big or small – try their hardest to provide a great experience and service at each touch point. And the opportunity is in the Partner Success Journey!

Building a collaborative culture

Embedding a partner success mindset into your partnerships will improve your relationship with your partners and build a collaborative culture, aligned and responsive to your partners changing needs.

Glu to us are a pivotal part of being able to deliver our Customer Success-as-a-Service. Without them we wouldn’t have our top tier programme and have the key benefits that we drive into our customer base. Glu are special to us because they enable us to give all five architectures within Cisco, and the key benefit is the differentiator. Working with Glu is absolutely pivotal for us to be the top distributor here in the UK.

Graeme Lee
Head of Architecture Cisco
TD Synnex

Your Partner Success Plan

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