Glu Enhance

Complimenting and enhancing your services to support and modernise the customers infrastructure for faster, smarter business performance.

In a rapidly changing business landscape, customers need an infrastructure that’s responsive, reliable, scalable and secure. They are looking to their strategic partners to enable this to happen and support them for their future growth and strategies.

Glu Enhance compliments your organisations teams.  It gives support with strategic consultancy, design, build and it manages the customers infrastructure to deliver outcomes that truly matter to your business.

Modernised network

Traditional networks give complexities, and many organisations find it costly and hard to manage. You can modernise your network environment now for better agility, control and visibility!

Modernised infrastructure with multi-cloud

Adopting a multi-cloud infrastructure will provide business with the needed agility, scalability and cost effectiveness to accelerate business digitalisation.

Digital workforce

Modern workforce requires a great and collaborative digital workplace experience that provides freedom and empowerment without compromising security.

Contact Centre
End User Computing
Unified Communications
Meeting Room Solutions
Remote Working
Digital Workplace As A Service

Next generation data centre

The data center is undergoing radical transformation. Rapid data growth, the need to process and deliver data across organisations, and an urgent focus on data security, resiliency and visibility all require a new approach. Today’s data center solutions – in areas such as data protection, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), primary storage and server infrastructure – offer many benefits. From smarter ways to optimize on-premises workloads and scale infrastructure, to more strategic ways to reduce data center footprints and simplify IT operations.

Digital operations

Modernising customers IT operations for better agility to meet different business needs and aligned to strategic target operating models. We focus on improving visibility and response time to avoid costly disruptions and increase your employee productivity to drive new innovations.

Business continuity

Achieve zero business downtime with business continuity planning

Mitigating risks and activating proper contingencies when any disaster strikes.