Simplify Customer Experience with Horizon

Let us help you assess, accelerate, and align your customer success.

In order to provide an excellent experience for your customers you must have the right people, process and tools in place.

Horizon takes the complexity out of Cisco Customer Experience and simplifies the operational delivery end to end

Glu Horizon – our inhouse designed and implemented CX tool has been developed to help you manage the Cisco Customer Experience Programme from the very beginning of your sales process all the way through to the renewal of your projects.

Increase your competitive advantage, engage with the C-Suite within your customers and drive your Cisco incentive claims by utilising Glu’s Horizon Platform.

How does it help:

  It Identifies if the projects you are positioning are CX eligible.

–  It identifies what previous sales are CX eligible under the Cisco LCI Adopt and Use (Activate) programmes.

–  It automates the management of the eligible Cisco SKU’s for the LCI Programme

–  It builds your Customer Success Plans and Business Outcome Reports

–  It monitors and manages your CX activities

Fully automate Cisco’s Customer Experience Programme and drive a value-based customer conversation.

Win more deals by placing CX as a value add early in the sales process.

Through positioning Customer Adoption of your solutions, we can help you:

Increase revenue & profitability
Increase renewal rates
Increase Customer loyalty
Give a competitive advantage



Identifies deals eligible for LC Adopt incentive and manages the process to earn the incentives


Identify eligible customers For the Use incentive including EA’s therefore drives Telemetry


Enables partners to identify potential “Free” bundled Cisco software drive expansion programmes


Increase overall renewal rates Identify, align and Plan engagements with customers business strategy

Glu Horizon Key Modules

Designed based on Cisco’s famous CX lifecycle race tracker, the Glu Horizon key modules are built to ensure you are adopting and driving CX the best way possible, right from the start of the sales cycle.

Purchase Module

We strongly believe that the sales engine should start with CX at the forefront. We continue to stress on the importance of building the customer experience right from the beginning and not just on the deals that you’ve closed.

And, with the eligibility criteria constantly changing, it is difficult to complete this task manually.

Horizon Purchase Module allows you to upload quotes to assess their CX eligibility at the pre-sales stage. Not only that, through Glu Horizon, you can generate an RFP to position your CX value add professional services to your customer early in the sales process.

This will give your customers the reassurance that the technology they are investing in will be fully adopted, meeting desired business objectives, and accelerate value realisation.


This module looks at your install base data to unveil any CX eligible opportunities from what you have sold.

It will show you what opportunities are eligible for which customer, what plan size and architecture, number of engagement days and plan expected expiry
date. It will also show the opportunities using a traffic light system to help you set your priorities accordingly.

Red – what needs your immediate attention as it has less than 30 days to expire.
Amber – all opportunities that have between 30 and 60 days to expire.
Green – all opportunities that have more than 60 days to expire.

Glu Horizon will allow you to look at each opportunity and the CX eligible KIT in that particular deal.

The Adoption Module dashboard shows you:

– The total incentive amount that you can potentially generate from the adoption opportunities.
– The split of incentive value per subsidiary.
– The eligible end user spend per technology.
– Potential missed adopt incentive per end user, per technology.


Partners can earn incentives by proving to Cisco that the customer is using the technology they purchased, and telemetry is turned on where applicable.

Glu Horizon looks at your Install Base data and shows you the opportunities that may be eligible for an incentive.

My Plans

This module allows you to build Customer Success Plans and Business Outcomes by answering a set of questions. You can then send the reports to the customer through the platform for auto signature.


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