Your Customer Success Practice

In a subscription-based era, Customer Success has grown to the point where it is now considered a pillar of SaaS businesses.  Building a Customer Success program from scratch is no easy task. You need the right processes, technology and people in place to make the practice successful. It is time consuming and can be a complex task if you don’t have the expertise required. 

Sales, adoption, renewal and expansion all start with the customer. It is imperative to start the sales motion with CX in mind.  We can help you build and drive a successful Customer Success Practice to accelerate your customers value realisation and making renewals a non-event.

How we do it?

  • Conduct a gap analysis to identify the hurdles that you need to overcome.
  • Review where your business stands today and set goals aligned with your overall business goals.
  • Tailor a Customer Success Practise program to help you position Customer Success early in the sales process meet your desired business objectives.
  • Work with your key stakeholders to build a Customer Success mindset, ensuring Customer Success is embedded in your organisation’s DNA, embraced from the top-down and adopted from the bottom up.

Why build a Customer Success Practice?

  • The world is moving to annuity-based sales, where everything is consumption based. If you don’t embrace Customer Success, you will be left behind.
  • Customer Success will help your customer derive the best value from your product, driving your adoption rates.
  • Building a Customer Success Practice will ensure you have processes in place to remain focused on your customers business goals – increasing loyalty and making renewals non-event.
  • Operating an efficient Customer Success Practice creates benefits across the organisation – increasing revenue and efficiency all the way to loyalty and advocacy.
  • Improved organisational reputation and gain trust advisor status.

Customer Success is about providing the maximum value to your customers and helping them succeed. Glu’s Customer Success Programs are perfect for organisations with  low to medium levels of maturity, or those looking to quickly accelerate their capabilities in specific areas.

While building a Customer Success Practice will give you the framework to drive success, having the right people and technology in place is equally important. And because we know that many organisations may not have the capacity to do it all on their own, we have solutions to help you bridge the gap.