Your Virtual
Customer Success Managers

Our virtual Customer Success Managers fill customer coverage gaps and enable you to test out new strategies and processes before rolling them out to the entire Customer Success team. They deliver a seamless customer experience that identifies customer needs and provides proactive outreach.

Customer Coverage that Makes a Difference

Scaling your Customer Success team to have enough CSMs in-house to cover every single one of your customers is a challenge.

Our proven approach to managing customers brings the necessary focus to those valuable customer segments while maintaining coverage of high-revenue customers. Our Virtual Customer Success Managers are badged as your employees and proactively manage your customer base for retention and expansion.

No need to increase your headcount — our team of experts can manage any of the crucial steps in the customer lifecycle to fill coverage gaps.

Solutions for Every Stage of the Lifecycle

Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle, just like you and your CS team. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day and CSMs are forced to pick and choose how their time is spent.

Our team of Virtual Customer Success Managers will take on this complex process for you, ensuring that the lifecycle of your customer runs smoothly.