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Between Partner, Customer and Vendor

Glu are driven to enable and accelerate your business, educate and empower your people, whilst enhancing your propositions to move into new business areas with minimum risk or investment.

Glu bridges the gap between vendors, partners and customers to allow you to move to value based selling with business outcome led conversations and solutions.

By doing this, you will become more relevant to your customers, drive more annuity and all future renewals will become a non event.

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Helping you build, win opportunities and deliver value across digital, cyber and customer transformation.

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CRN Channel Awards finalist

Glu Group are shortlisted as a CRN Channel Awards finalist for the third year in a row!

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Customer Experience

Customer Centric. Data Driven. ROI oriented. These are all key for a successful Customer Experience strategy.

Success today depends on how relevant and invested you are to your customers throughout their journey. And, in today’s uncertain climate, where the purchasing habits of buyers become more sophisticated and demanding, customer experience has become more crucial. Yet, there’s still a big gap in the experience that businesses provide.

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Partner Experience

We often hear about the Customer Experience and Customer Success Journey. But did you ever think about the Partner Success Journey and its importance? Did you ever ask yourself: “What would partners need to succeed?”

As the market continues to evolve, having a competitive edge is becoming absolutely business critical. That’s why businesses – big or small – try their hardest to provide a great experience and service at each touch point. And the opportunity is in the Partner Success Journey!

Cisco Advanced Customer Specialisation Partner

This certification demonstrates Glu’s ability to leverage resources, provide consistent processes, and deliver a world class Cisco customer experience.  We continue to retain this status having held this certification for over five years.

Glu Talk

Glu Talk brings real-world experiences from current CxO leaders on the challenges they face, how they prioritise business investments, and how they want to change the conversation from being a supplier to working in partnership.

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