My Checklist and My New Year Resolution

Here we are. In 2022. I cannot fathom how swiftly the last couple of years have flown by!

As we continue to work remotely, I must admit that I have lost track of time often. Months and days, all seem alike. The weather hasn’t helped either! And even though the festivities of the holiday season ends when the new year begins, for some reason unknown to me, I am still in the festive mood! At least that keeps me warm so can’t complain!

Like many of us, I too have come up with a New Year’s resolution which I have decided to share with you. It is a simple ‘Stick to the checklist’!!

It is a checklist of 13 things (no specific reason why it is 13!) which I have come to realise are really, really important. Here is the list and I hope you find it useful:

  1. Put the customer first and focus on what matters to them – the rest will fall in place.
  2. Personalise for success – one size doesn’t fit all!
  3. Be proactive and not reactive
  4. Surprise and delight – go above and beyond to create wow moments.
  5. Engage and create empathy throughout the customer journey – emotionally engaged customers tend to be more committed.
  6. Monitor KPIs – for you and your customers to ensure you are on track for success.
  7. Look at the big picture – forecast, anticipate risks and build a contingency plan for the bad times.
  8. Encourage & leverage brand ambassadors.
  9. Foster the ‘We are in it together’ approach – involve your pre-sales, engineers and project managers. Trust me, PMs can do more than just orchestrate and beautify data on spreadsheets!
  10. Upskill – as the CX bar keeps rising, skills must be honed too.
  11. Build a CX process no matter how basic it is – follow, review and update as required.
  12. Use the right tools – use tools that you are comfortable with to streamline your workflows (This allows you to simplify your work and allow you to see the full picture in order to make data driven decisions).
  13. Reminder to self: your customer success is your success.

Excelling at customer experience (CX) is a lot like creating and maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. It does not require a one-off activity, but rather an on-going well-orchestrated plan that requires commitment. I hope you get some inspiration from this list and continue to drive CX upwards and onwards.

Remember, if you need help in building your CX practice of driving CX, we are here to help. Just reach out!

Happy New Year everyone